Glenwood Resource Center Redevelopment Planning

Glenwood Resource Center Redevelopment Plan

With the State of Iowa’s direction to repurpose the Glenwood Resource Center (GRC), the Iowa Economic Development Authority has begun working with local leaders to reimagine the 380-acre campus and provide Glenwood with an asset that can be a source of community pride. The resulting master plan will:

  • Reflect input from stakeholders and the public
  • Consider cultural resources and sensitivities
  • Define opportunities for improved access
  • Promote economic synergies and employment opportunities
  • Provide a roadmap for sustained growth


A consensus-driven vision will be developed that recognizes GRC’s historical significance and the potential for transformation. The public will be invited to learn about the project and provide input during the Design Workshop, which will be held April 24 through April 27, 2023. The process includes providing community updates at key project milestones indicated in the schedule graphic below. More information will be provided as it becomes available.


Public comment will be requested as part of the Design Workshop. The workshop will last four days, and each evening, the public will be invited to learn about the day’s work and provide comments and feedback. The next day, the project team will work to incorporate feedback and comments from the previous evening. The process repeats until the last day, where the goal is to have general consensus on the preferred redevelopment plan.

Anticipated Schedule

Anticipated Schedule

Project Partners

To guide the plan for redevelopment of the GRC site, the following project partners have been established and each play a unique role.

The State of Iowa: The State of Iowa has provided direction to repurpose the Glenwood Resource Center site. The State will continue to provide input and feedback on the direction of the redevelopment plan project.

The Community Task Force: A Community Task Force has been established to represent the community of Glenwood and provide input and feedback on behalf of the community. The Task Force will provide information to the project team and serve a supervisory role, ensuring that the redevelopment plan will guide the site redevelopment into an asset that meets the community’s goals.

HDR: HDR will serve as lead consultant on the project, driving the data collection, visioning session, design workshop, and master plan development.

S.B. Friedman Development Advisors: S.B. Friedman Development Advisors will prepare a market assessment that will provide information to guide the redevelopment plan.

NuStyle Development and Arch-Icon: NuStyle Development and Arch-Icon will serve as strategic development advisors to the project partners.

The public: The public will be asked to provide input and feedback to the project team during the four-day Design Workshop. Public comment will be used to achieve consensus on the preferred concept and provide direction for the redevelopment of the site.

Taskforce Members

Name Position Organization
Debi Durham Director Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA)
Adam Steen Director State of Iowa Department of Administrative Services
Paul Carlson Public Service Executive State of Iowa
Andrew Rainbolt Executive Director Mills County Economic Development Foundation (MCEDF)
Richard Crouch Vice Chair Board of Supervisors, Mills County
Amber Farnan City Administrator City of Glenwood
Devin Embray Superintendent Glenwood Community School District
Larry Winum CEO Glenwood State Bank
Mark Lincoln President  Mills County Economic Development Foundation (MCEDF)
Dax Landeen Assistant Superintendent/Business Manager Glenwood Resource Center

December 2022 Update

Data collection related to GRC site characteristics is currently underway. This includes activities to evaluate terrain, vehicle and pedestrian circulation, building(s) condition, historically significant components, and stakeholder interviews. Concurrently, a market analysis is underway to consider viable type(s) of development that could occur within the site. The site analysis will be posted to this webpage as it becomes available.

March 2023 Update

A visioning session was held with the identified project task force on February 21, 2023. The goal of the visioning session is to align the market assessment with ideas for the redevelopment of the GRC site. The results of the visioning session will be posted to this webpage when they become available.